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SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring®

SCRAM alcohol monitoring is the crown jewel of alcohol monitoring for high-risk DUI and alcohol offenders. SCRAM uses transdermal analytsis that measures insensible perspiration, which is the constant unnoticeable excretion of sweat through the skin. SCRAM is used throughout the United States and Europe.

Intercept provides expert testimony, court documentation and full court support.


  • Detects both a TAMPER ALERT and a DRINKING EVENT
  • Improve assessment of the offender (Problem drinker vs judgement error)
  • Distinguishes between alcohol consumption and environmental exposure
  • Has ethernet, wireless and landline capabilities giving clients multiple ways to connect
  • Has been independently tested and is court validated
  • Has house arrest capabilities
    SCRAM test offenders around the clock regardless of their location.

Violent crimes always fill the headlines, but the costliest type of criminal behavior often does not involve major felony offenses.

Hundreds if not thousands of misdemeanor offenders are the real burden on local courts, law enforcement and taxpayers.

Corporate Office Reno- (775) 323-8273

Stockton Office- (209) 684-9001

Sacramento Office- (916) 834-7290


A Better GPS Monitoring Device

Introducing the next generation of our SCRAM GPS technology. We’ve combined superior location accuracy, an industry-leading strap design, the industry’s best battery life, and user-friendly software tools that help officers quickly identify and address issues in their caseload.

  • A fully integrated part of the SCRAM Systems suite of alcohol and location monitoring solutions, consolidated on a single platform
  • Utilizes the 3G cellular network
  • SCRAM GPS Analytics™ and Google Street View mapping simplify tracking and put your clients’ movements in context
  • Revolutionary tamper technology substantially reduces false alerts and provides nearly instant notifications


Drug Patch

The PharmCheck drug patch is a non-occlusive hypoallergenic collection device.

The client wears the patch on the skin for 10-day increments which is a huge deterrent to continued drug use. With sweat testing the parent drug as well as the drug metabolite can typically be detected thereby making it easier to identify which drug was taken.

Upheld in 50 state and federal courts including the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, by the Honorable Sandra Day O’Connor.


  • Cocaine: Benzoylecogonine
  • Opiates (Heroin, 6-MAM, morphine, codeine)
  • Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana, THC
  • Phencyclidine, PCP

Advantages of the PharmCheck drug patch:

  • 24/7 continuous monitoring
  • Client wears patch for 10 days which increase window of detection
  • No urine collections
  • Gender indifferrent
  • Cannot be diluted
  • Detects parent drug and drug metabolite

Remote Breath®

The Remote Breath is a portable hand-held unit which is wireless and easy to use for low risk clients and for those who have earned less intensive testing.

  • Has military grade facial recognition
  • Real time notification
  • Automated facial recognition (AFI) intelligence which decrease looking through manual photo reviews.
  • GPS Location with taken and missed tests
  • Unit automatically turns on and prompts clients to test
  • Saves test results when unit is out of cellular coverage
  • Optional client text reminders
  • Proven fuel cell technology